NotesAgent.ServerName with consequences

NotesAgent.ServerName may not give you the server you expect!

In the properties for scheduling the agent, you can set on which server the agent shall run.

But from time to time you may want to trigger it manually.

If so, be careful when you use NotesAgent.ServerName, since it will give you the server name set in the agent property described above and not the server on which it was manually triggered.

To get the current server be sure to use NotesSession.CurrentDatabase.Server instead.

Logout button

When using session based authentication on the web, it is possible to create a logout button in a simple way.

Just append ?logout to the URL path. By using redirectto it is possible to forward the user to a logout page. Only catch, since you then are logged-out, the page you want to show must be available for the user anonymous.

Just create a button with the the following syntax in the onClick event: + "?logout&redirectto=//" + logoutURI ,"_self")

“_self” opens the url in the current window.

If you want to redirect to the same application (logout and get the login dialog directly) don’t forget to end logoutURI with a slash “/”.

This would logout and direct you to the login page again:"//