Am I a Domino Developer …

… or do you configure applications on the Domino server.

Sometimes when comparing Domino with more “glorious” products, for example SAP or Sharepoint. I have the feeling that most customer think you only have to configure them to work as you want.  Maybe I’m just configuring Domino to, or can it be that they are actually developing?

I like the word configure since it is a very good marketing trick! When comparing develop and configure most people would say configuring is much faster and cost less. It also give the impression it is a standard application you are using!

But comparing how long it takes to “configure” an application/functionality on those systems, I wounder if I’m really a developer?

So to annoy customers and my colleges, I have started to say I can configure such an application!

To get Domino to be more glorious. I believe IBM should do a search for the word develop and replace it with configure.

There is a flaw in my logic! It takes much longer to completely rebuild SAP for Domino then it takes to “configure” SAP to do what you want!