Custom twistie size

A lot to do lately. No time to blog.

But this short tip I’ll manage to squeeze in.

From designer help 7.0.1:

The triangular icons that indicate a row or a section may be expanded or collapsed are called “twisties.” Twisties are green in Notes and blue on the Web. You can customize these icons by importing your own images. You import two images into one graphics file. The first image replaces the “expand” twistie and the second replace the “collapse” twistie. A pair of images for customized twisties should result in a .gif file that is 33 x 16 pixels — that is, two 16 x 16 images, with a 1-pixel divider.

Creating an images with that size will not produce the twisitie look you expect.
Expecting something like this Twistie 33×16 You will get this: Bad Twisitie!

The size does not match. The correct size should be 25 x 12 two 12 x 12 with a 1-pixel divider.