My very first own blog! Since I’m very curious by nature and always have tried different ways to keep track off all the things I read and experience . I am finally decided to try to collect my thoughts and findings in a blog. Mainly for my joy and hopefully for your pleasure.

I find everything interesting and can’t keep my nose out of things. I often get carried away, but in this blog I will try to focus on the things that interests me most during my Research & Development sessions.
That is Lotus Notes/Domino, anti spam, encryption, linux and cooking.

I’m sure some privet stuff will turn up in my blogged, but I’ll try to focus.

Hope you will enjoy the reading and that if you try some of my recipes, it will taste exceptionally well. Regardless if it is of the scripting or eating kind.

Some may found my background interesting. Here is a short version of who I am.

Today I am a Service Manger and Team manger for Several integration Services like BizTalk  and a team of 18 person spread over the globe. Before that I worked as a Domino architect/developer. It was helping the organization moving their manual processes in to the digital world I found interesting in people and processes, far more interesting then developing.
I started as an electronic engineer, developing uP based control units. Designing them from scratch and programing them to control mobile cranes.
After that I began to work for a company, who produced encryption gateways. Later I got very interested in anti spam solutions for larger organizations.

Instead of choosing the engineer career, I was very close to becoming a cook. Food has always been one of the biggest interests of mine.

Tomas Ekström

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