Eight Rules for Total Gridlock in the Organization (Peter Kruse)

One of my favorite videos from Peter Kruse describes how to act to create total gridlock in an organization. I’m sad to say that I have lived through all of them, thankfully not all at once.

  1. Alternate Total Control with Total Freedom. Even better is to inconsistently switch between the two methods.
  2. Sprinkle rumors and discuss change only at the Informal Level.
  3. Maximize the number of new activities.
  4. Make it very clear that only the fittest will survive.
  5. Put all focus on finding the guilty one.
  6. Never ever challenge existing rules.
  7. Decisions should reach a consensus as fast as possible on the formal level, and then be extensively questioned on the informal level.
  8. Maximize decision-making speed and minimize implementation abilities. The rate of change on the decision-making level should always be greater than on the implementation level.

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