MacBook with wrong HDD size

Last week I went to the local Apple dealer to purchase a new Notebook for my stepfather. Since he recently retired he had to give back the company notebook.

To give him a new challenge my step sister and I decided he should try Mac.
Since he does a lot of presentation as wine connoisseur, good presentation software was one criteria and Keynote is the best I’ve seen. So I found it to be the perfect match.

We decided that the 2.4GhZ, 2Gb Ram, 250Gb HDD version of MacBook would be the best! Back lit keyboard is really good when presenting (Especially in dimmed rooms). And size optimal for transportation. So that was a perfect match to! Still the price is a bit high. So that is not a perfect match.

Back @ home we did some unboxing and I started to configure and install the necessary software. I was rally surprised as I wanted to resize the hard drive (needed a partition for Windows XP) and found it only to be 160GB. First I thought it may be an extra 90GB partition some where, but I could not find it.
Opening the battery lid, the HDD size of 160GB could easily be confirmed!

Today we brought it back to the Apple reseller and they confirmed it. They also did do some checking and Apple in Ireland apparently had never heard of some thing like this.

So my recommendation, to anyone with a new 2008 generation MacBook with 2.4GHz cpu, is to check that you did get a 250GB HDD (if you didn’t order a larger one). If you have something smaller then that, it is not what you have paid for! Minimum configuration is 250GB HDD.

I have personally decided to buy one, but since renovating two baths in our house, did get a little more expensive then calculated. A MacBook Pro more expensive to be precise! I have to wait until I can afford one form my self. But I will for sure check the size of my HDD

So now they have ordered a new hard drive! At least it easy to switch, since I have a Time Machine backup of the smaller drive.