Foreseing the future of social software and the rais of Gadget 2.0 and Social Life 2.0

First of, I like the idea of social software but have my problems with it.

For private things I like to keep my privacy, I believe that’s why the call it private.

Some part of my life I would just want to keep with close friends and family. Other things I’m glad to share. See my blog.

Yesterday at LotuSphere I chatted with some old friends and we were trying to see where all this social software is taking us.

We were fooling around what would happen if everything would be social software and web 2.0. How would life be? The scary part of it, was to realize that we have all the components it take’s. The only have to get connected.

First of lets invent the new Gadget 2.0. A Phone with Camera GPS (Or some kind of positioning system) and shades with a display. Sounds very far away dose it? All they way to your next Cell phone dealer.

So what can you do with it!

Let’s say you want to take a picture of, let’s say the hotel dolphin here at LotuSphere. Your gadget will then tell you. That other people standing here also photographed the Swan hotel. The gadget will ask if you want to share the photo. To make some money on this service you will be ask if you like to by a photo from Christo as he wrapped the hotel in toilet paper in the year 2010.

Taking it further driving the road to your customer and driving left in a corner the gadget tells you that people how drove left here also did make a right turn in the next crossing. You will naturally have the option to rate the quality of the curve you just took.

When finding a partner for life or the night, some new possibilities will help you through the dating jungle. Your Gadget 2.0 will kindly inform you that others who met with this lady also met these other ladies. Naturally connected with a rating system.

I can see it coming! Museums are already using the same techniques to give the visitor a more interactive personal guide.