Some issues when installing the Quickr QIssues from SNAPPS

Tried to install QIssues from SNAPPS this week at a business partner event (Moment Quickr Partner Teknik utbildning) in Kista, Sweden.

Focus off the event was to learn how to install and customize Quickr.

The course were held by Rob Enright a great teacher even though his music taste needs getting used to 😉 . A lot of hands on, which I like a lot. Good step by step instructions even though the material had some small obstacles to overcome, as typos and some order issues.
Nothing really big and nothing that reduced the overall experience. On the contrary, in this case, the faults enriched my overall experience. Finding and correcting simple faults is a great way to learn.

During the class, which was the first time i installed Quickr and the first time I tried to install the free Quickr templates from SNAPPS, I did have some problems installing it. The documentation did not contain all the necessary steps to get it to work on my Quickr installation.
Here’s what I did!

Now I only have to learn how to create my on templates.

Another thing I learn is that the user experience for quicker on Domino and WebSphere shows some big differences. I believe it would have been a great idea to put the developer in the same room from the beginning, and use the same team for defining usability and functionality.

It is a little bit sad that when trying to explain Quickr for a customer, there is going to be a lot of “but” and “will be better soon”.
Something that is confusing for the customer is hard to explain and harder to sell. Great product great vision, but not 100% ready in that respect.

Hope the usability and functionality will near each other sooner then planned.

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