Installing SNAPPS template

Last week I installed quickr for the first time and the free quickr templates from SNAPPS .
I started of with with QIssues. Following the instruction everything went well until “load qptool register…” it gave me an error in the connection with LDAP. Something with a wrong credential. Google said it is probably caused by a wrong password or user name.

After playing around a bit, I found away of installing the templates. I’m pretty sure it is not the best way but it worked for me. Some step may not be necessary.

This is what I did:

  1. Registered at SNAPPS to download the templates and documentation.
  2. Install and as described in the documentation
  3. Then follow the description in step 1 and 2 in the “Instructions for Installing a Single Template for Standalone Use” section.
  4. Before you do step 3. Create a group in the domino directory called “QuickPlaceAdministratorsSUGroups” can be found in the ACL in main.nsf in the qissues folder, put your Quickr administrator and Domino administrator in it. Without it you have no access to the application since default is set to “No Access”.
  5. Now sign the three files in the qissues folder. Use an ID that can run agents on the server.
  6. I had the option “Allow managers to create new users in each place” active. Can be found in User Directory => Change Directory => LDAP Server. I’m not sure if this solved the problem or the signing of the databases.
  7. Now go to the 3:d step in “Instructions for Installing a Single Template for Standalone Use”.
  8. Since the manager of the template, now has been registered in Quickr but not in LDAP (Domino directory), it was not possible to log in with the suggested user name in step 4. Therefor I added a new person in to the directory, with mail system set to “none”. To get the right user name I copied it from the main.nsf ACL in the qissues folder and pasted it in to the User Name field. Then gave it the first name qissues and last name SNAPPS. In short name I entered qissues and set the password to the same. Then I was able to move on to step 4.

After that had no more problems. All the tests I did went well.

I tried to install it, with the template q*-user registered in the domino directory beforehand. But then I got an error telling me that the user already existed when loading qptool register.

Hope it can save you some time when trying the templates!

3 Responses to “Installing SNAPPS template”

  1. jmlosada Says:

    Hi Tomas:

    Nice to meet you. I am new in Quickr and I am trying to use the qissues template from snapps with one customization.

    I want to make a copy of the view “OPEN ISSUES” (in notes designer). Copy the view and I see the view correct with the documents.

    But when I change its name and alias only (not the selection formula) and save the view, no documents appear never in that view.

    Do you know what I am doing bad?


  2. Kazuyuki Arai Says:

    Hi Tomas.
    Nice to meet you!

    This piece of information might be very useful to me since I’m due to install these templates any day now.
    I’d love to see you post more tips n tricks.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Best Regards

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